How to see live caption of any podcasts in English?

If you use Google Chrome on a desktop computer or an Android phone, you can easily turn on Live Caption FOR FREE!

For example, you find podcasts on the best podcast search engine website and want to see Live Caption -

1) Google Chrome on a desktop computer

Click the play button first.

Then turn on Live Caption. Enjoy!

Learn more: Use Live Caption in Chrome

2) Android phone

Press the volume button, then tap the live caption button:

That's it! You'll see live captions in the middle of the screen, while playing a podcast.

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Transcribe 1-hour audio in 60 seconds, all for just US $4.60.

For those podcasts without transcripts, the tool available at Listen411 offers a convenient solution for transcribing podcasts. This service operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, eliminating the need for a subscription. It has an impressive speed, capable of transcribing a one-hour audio file in less than a minute.

Try it now:

Now find some podcasts on and try out Live Caption: Search all podcasts

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