How to get transcripts for any podcasts?

Two steps to get transcripts for any podcasts:

  1. Find the audio file of the podcast episode that you want to transcribe using the best podcast search engine Listen Notes.
  2. Transcribe the audio file.

Step 1: Find the audio file

Listen Notes is the best podcast search engine. It's like Google, but for podcasts.

You can search a person or a topic to find any podcast episodes, then download the audio file: MORE -> Download

Step 2: Transcribe the audio file

Once you have the audio file, you can easily transcribe it.

There are many options:

1) Use any speech-to-text tools that you can find on the Internet: Google "Speech To Text"

2) Transcribe the audio yourself: Listen to the audio, then write down words.

3) Hire a person to transcribe for you: Google "Hire Transcriber"

4) If you are the owner / producer of a podcast, you can use the auto-transcription tool on our website to get transcripts: How to auto-transcribe your own podcast?

If you use an Android phone or Google Chrome for desktop, you can turn on Live Caption for free: How to see live caption of any podcasts in English?

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