Listen Notes Quickstarts

What's Listen Notes exactly?

Short answer:

Listen Notes is the best podcast search engine and database. It's like Google + IMDb, but for podcasts.

Longer answer:

Listen Notes is a very comprehensive podcast database with three UIs (User Interface):

  1. A podcast search engine website with a bunch of podcast discovery tools:
  2. A podcast API that powers thousands of podcast apps / services:
  3. A self-service dataset tool where you can explore podcast metadata in spreadsheets, e.g., Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel...

How does Listen Notes make money?

We make money from the above three UIs:

  1. Website: Ads and Premium Membership.
  3. Datasets: Pay for downloads.

Who built Listen Notes?

We are a small but highly efficient team in San Francisco, CA, United States.

We are a Delaware C Corp - Listen Notes, Inc. 

How to use Listen Notes?

Here are Quickstarts for the three UIs of Listen Notes:

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