How to add transcripts to my podcast episode pages on Listen Notes?

If you don't have any transcripts yet -

How to auto-transcribe your podcast?

If you already have transcripts -

There are two ways to add existing transcripts to your episode pages on Listen Notes.

1, Add transcripts manually

First, you need to claim your podcast page. Only the producer of a podcast can add/edit transcripts.

After you claim your podcast page, go to the EDIT tab of your episode pages (Example):

After you submit the transcript, we'll review it within 12 hours. Once the transcript is approved, we'll send an email to notify you.

The transcript will be displayed on the episode page (Example) and be indexed by our podcast search engine (Example).

You can come back and update the transcript any time.

2, Add transcripts automatically

If your podcast hosting service supports <podcast:transcript> tag (or you know how to modify the rss feed), we'll automatically pull transcripts from the RSS feed.

Note: we only support the html version for now (type="text/html"), not srt or json.

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