How to auto-transcribe your own podcast?

Listen Notes provides an automatic transcription service for claimed podcasts, so you can easily turn podcast audio into texts.

Step 1: Claim your podcast(s)

Go to the PODCASTER tab of your podcast page on Listen Notes (Example), and click on the "Claim this podcast" button:

For copyright concerns, we only allow podcast producers to use the auto-transcription service for their own podcasts. In other words, if you are not the owner of a podcast, you CANNOT order transcripts for it.

Step 2: Go to the manage page

After you claim your podcast page on Listen Notes, there are two ways you can access to a manage page.

Approach 1: You can click on the MANAGE button under your profile page.

Approach 2: you can click on the Manage Podcast button under the PODCASTER tab of your podcast page.

Step 3: Use auto-transcription

Go to the TRANSCRIPTION sub-page:

Select the episodes that you want to transcribe and scroll down the page to pay:

If you already transcribe your podcast, then you can manually add transcripts.

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