How to check how many requests I've used in this billing cycle?

Check the X-ListenAPI-Usage header in the response.

When you send an API request to our podcast api, you'll get json response data with some HTTP headers. Example:

x-listenapi-plan: FREE
x-listenapi-nextbillingdate: 2022-08-14T18:53:16.385542+00:00
x-listenapi-freequota: 2500
x-listenapi-usage: 1235
x-listenapi-latency-seconds: 0.003988742828369141

It's always a good practice to check X-ListenAPI-Usage in your code, so you won't accidentally use too many API requests (and spend too much money :).

When you send HEAD requests to check those headers, such requests are NOT counted in your API usage. Example:

curl --head '' \
  -H 'X-ListenAPI-Key: YOUR-API-KEY'

If you haven't used Listen Notes Podcast API yet, get API keys here - Get API keys

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