How to test the Podcast API without an api key?

We have an API mock server that returns fake data for testing purposes.

You can easily try out our API on the Docs page without an API key:

Instead of using the production base url, just use the mock server base url with For example, you can send requests to GET

curl -X GET

If you use one of our official libraries (e.g., podcast-api-python) and you don't set the api_key value, then all requests will hit our mock API server.

Please note that there are limitations of our mock API server:

  • All requests will return hardcoded fake data.
  • For the same endpoint, it'll return the same fake data, no matter what parameters you pass to the endpoint. For example, GET /search?q=startup and GET /search?q=hello will return the same response data.
  • The mock server may be down from time to time.

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