Use Podcast Search APIs provides several endpoints for you to implement the same search features as our website

GET /search

Full-text search on episodes, podcasts, or curated lists of podcasts.

This API endpoint is the most powerful, offering a streamlined method for integrating essential search functionality into any podcast app.

GET /trending_searches

Fetch up to 10 most recent trending search terms on the Listen Notes platform.

GET /typeahead

Suggest search terms, podcast genres, and podcasts while typing.

GET /spellcheck

Suggest a list of words that correct the spelling errors of a search term.

Example: "evergrand stok" will be corrected as "evergrande stock":

GET /related_searches

Suggest related search terms. The results are more comprehensive than from GET /typeahead.

  • GET /typeahead optimizes for speed (i.e., suggest as you type), while GET /related_searches optimizes for accuracy (and it's a bit slower).

GET /search_episode_titles

This endpoint is to implement "Import Episodes from Spotify and Apple Podcasts into Your App".

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