Listen Notes Website Quickstarts

In this article, we'll give you an overview of some key product features on

1. Podcast Search Engine

As of March 2023, there are over 3.05 million podcasts and 158 million episodes - See Podcast Stats. By contrast:

  • IMDb has over 8.7 million titles (movies, TV shows, TV episodes)
  • Spotify has over 8.2 million tracks
  • Audible has over 470,000 audiobooks

A podcast search engine is inevitable.

When you visit, you'll see a search engine UI, which is similar to Google.

When you click on the search bar and start typing search terms (e.g., a topic, or a person's name), you'll see a popup modal for suggestions:

You can click on one of those suggestions (e.g., a search term, a category, a podcast) to continue.

Or you can just hit enter to open a search result page like this:

By default, the search result page includes episodes that are most relevant to the provided search term.

You can switch to rank search results by published date:

And you can apply some filters to narrow search results (Note: some filters are premium features):

Or switch to search only podcasts, curated lists, playlists, or podcaster interviews - this is similar to how you can switch Google search results to include only images, videos, news...

2. Listen Later Playlists

After you find podcasts or episodes from our search engine, you may want to listen later :) This is like YouTube's Watch Later playlists or Pocket / Instapaper's Read Later.

Click on a "SAVE" button to add a podcast or an episode to a playlist:

A Listen Later playlist can be either episode-centric or podcast-centric. An episode-centric playlist includes a list of episodes. A podcast-centric playlist includes a list of podcasts. You can switch by clicking on the "EPISODE" or "PODCAST" tab.

This is how a Listen Later playlist looks like ( Example):

Listen Later playlists provide a new way to consume podcast contents. You can use your favorite podcast apps to subscribe to the RSS feed of a Listen Later playlist. Here's a demo video:

You can find all of your Listen Later playlists by clicking on the "Listen Later" link on top right of every page of

A Listen Later playlist can be either public, unlisted, or private:

  • Public: It may be seen on the homepage or this page.
  • Unlisted: Only people with the link can view this list.
  • Private: Only you and contributors can view this list.

You can invite other people to curate the same Listen Later playlist:

3. Podcast Discovery Tools

In addition to the powerful podcast search engine, we also provide a bunch of tools to help you discover interesting podcasts.

You can find those tools under the "Discover" link on the top right of every page of (Desktop version):

Or under the "MORE" menu on the mobile version of our website:

3.1. Real-Time

It's like Google Analytics Real-Time, but for podcast episodes. These are the podcast episodes being listened to via Listen Notes right now.

3.2. Explorer

1. Pick some podcasts. 2. Get recommendations for similar podcasts.

3.3. Best Podcasts

Podcasts recommended by Listen Notes employees.

3.4. Hot Podcasts

Popular shows today, based on user activities on the Listen Notes platform.

3.5. Curated Podcasts

Curated lists of awesome podcasts from online resources, e.g., articles, forum discussions...

3.6. Featured Playlists

Explore thousands of awesome podcast playlists created by our community.

3.7. Classifieds

The best place to find co-hosts, guests, sponsors, and cross-promotions for your podcasts.

3.8. Chrome Extension

The Official Listen Notes Browser Extension. Search podcasts by topics. Suggest podcasts for websites.

  • Search directly in the address bar (omnibar): L + [Tab]
  • Select text on a web page and right click to search from the context menu
  • Search in the popup menu from the toolbar

4. Create Podcast Clips for Free

You can easily create a clip on Listen Notes ( Example):

And you can download the audio or video file ( Example):

5. Miscellaneous

A few quick links that may be useful to you:

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