Facing Apple App Store Rejection While Using Listen API for Podcast Data? We're Here to Assist!

Can Listen Notes Help Appeal an App Store Rejection?


Throughout our 7+ years of operating Listen API, only a tiny fraction (less than 0.1%) of all apps that leverage our API faced initial rejection by Apple's App Store. With our guidance and support, every single one of these apps successfully passed subsequent reviews and secured their spots on the App Store.

Common Rejection Reason: Copyright Concerns

The most frequent stumbling block is related to potential copyright infringements associated with streaming podcasts. However, it's crucial to understand that streaming publicly available podcast audio in your app is entirely within legal bounds, provided you employ the audio URLs directly from the podcast's RSS feed.

It's worth noting that App Store reviewers, despite their diligence, aren’t specialized in all nuances of the media industry. As such, occasional rejections due to copyright misunderstandings can occur. Resubmitting might sometimes pair you with a different reviewer who may have a different perspective. It's a known fact: the App Store review process can be quite variable, and a single app's acceptance or rejection might seem arbitrary at times.

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How Can Listen Notes Assist?

Don't feel disheartened if you face a rejection. We're here to back you up, especially if your app integrates with our API. Our support extends to furnishing you with a formal appeal letter in a PDF format, which clearly elucidates the legalities and ensures a smoother communication with Apple during your appeal process.

Encountered a Hurdle? Reach Out!

Should your app, which utilizes our API, encounter any issues with Apple's App Store, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're committed to ensuring your app finds its rightful place on the platform.

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