Can I legally stream podcast audio on my apps or websites using Listen Notes Podcast API?

Absolutely, you can legally stream podcast audio on your apps or websites using Listen API. Nevertheless, it's essential to comprehend certain fundamental principles:

  1. No Re-hosting of the Complete Audio: While you're permitted to stream podcast audio on your apps or websites, you must refrain from re-hosting the complete audio file on your own servers. Instead, stream the audio URL directly from the RSS feed provided by Listen API. This scenario is analogous to web browsing - a podcast app does not require explicit permission from the podcast publishers to display metadata or stream audio, as long as it doesn't re-host the entirety of the webpage content.
  2. Understanding "Reader App" Concept: Essentially, your platform functions as a "reader app." It does not publish podcasts but streams audio content directly from the publisher's audio URLs available in the RSS feed. Listen API caters these URLs for your use.
  3. Adherence to Fair Use Principles: When incorporating podcast clipping features, it's crucial to remember the "fair use" principle. Numerous apps using our API permit users to create short audio clips (typically less than a minute long) and host them on their servers. As long as the clips are succinct, they generally align with fair use. However, using a significant portion of a podcast (e.g., 50% of the content) could potentially infringe upon the content owner's rights. For more comprehensive insight into "fair use," please refer to this resource: Understanding Fair Use.
  4. Content Removal Responsibilities: Should a podcast or episode be removed from Listen Notes (for instance, due to a violation of Listen Notes content policy or at the request of the podcast producers), your app will not be able to retrieve the metadata for that content. Nevertheless, clips created by your users and hosted on your servers may still remain. Consequently, it becomes your obligation to respond to deletion requests from podcasters who identify clips from their podcasts on your app.
  5. Compliance with App Regulations: To practically understand these guidelines, you may wish to study other podcast and clipping apps on the Apple App Store. If these apps are in compliance and authorized on the App Store, your app should be similarly well-positioned.

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