Content policies for Listen Notes

Listen Notes indexes podcast contents from public RSS feeds via automatic crawlers, partner hosting services, and user submissions.

Given how Listen Notes encompasses millions of podcasts, hundreds of millions of episodes, other content, the results might occasionally contain material that some find objectionable, offensive, or problematic.

We’ve carefully developed the content policies for Listen Notes listed below to balance the real concerns about such issues, alongside the need for a search engine to provide access to information.

Overall content policies for Listen Notes

These policies apply to content surfaced anywhere within Listen Notes.

Child sexual abuse imagery or exploitation material

We delete content that leads to child sexual abuse imagery or material that appears to victimize, endanger, or otherwise exploit children.

Highly personal information

Listen Notes might remove certain personal information that creates significant risks of identity theft, financial fraud, or other specific harms, which include, but aren't limited to, doxxing content, explicit personal images, and involuntary fake pornography. Learn how to remove your personal information from Listen Notes.


We take action against spam, which is content that exhibits deceptive or manipulative behavior designed to deceive users, game our search systems, or spamdexing.

Podcast producer requests

Upon request, we remove content that podcast producers wish to block from Listen Notes.

Valid legal requests

We remove content from our Listen Notes for legal reasons. For example, we remove content if we receive valid notification under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). We delist pages on name queries, based on data-protection requests, under what’s commonly known as the “Right to be Forgotten” in the EU. We scrutinize these requests to ensure that they're well-founded, and we frequently refuse to remove content when there's no clear basis in law.

You can request inappropriate content or request to remove content from Listen Notes:

Request Removal

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