Use Listen API in a podcast hosting service

If you are a podcast hosting service (e.g., Libsyn, Anchor...), you may want to help your users (i.e., podcasters) add or delete podcasts on Listen Notes.

Why to help your users submit podcasts to Listen Notes? You want to help them get more listeners! Once a podcast is added to our database, it'll be immediately available on and 4700+ apps & services that use our API.

Why to help your users delete podcasts from Listen Notes? If you users want to delete their podcasts, you'd better help them delete from as many podcast directories (e.g., Apple Podcasts, Listen Notes, Spotify...) as possible, or they'll bother your customer support. It's better to do it in a one-button-push self-service way.

You can use two endpoints of Listen API to integrate with your own website, which could be a great starter project for an intern or a new employee:

Prerequisite: Get an API key

After you submit a new podcast to our database or delete one, we have to manually review it on our end, which typically takes a few minutes to a few hours (but definitely within 12 hours).

If you want to get notified once your podcast submission/deletion request is approved, you can set up webhooks in the dashboard:

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