3 Ways To Promote Listen Notes & Build Your Income

Listen Notes to discover podcasts or get jobs done (e.g., build a podcast app using Listen Notes Podcast API). Share your first-hand knowledge and build their beliefs in the process.

Build Out Your Resource Page

If you already have a brilliant resource page, add Listen Notes to the list of great tools you use to be successful.

If you haven’t yet, we strongly suggest you create a resource page. People want to know which tools YOU say are worth using, and this is the perfect opportunity to share.

Sharing your resources, and a bit about how you do what you do, is a great way to teach what you know!

Link To Your Podcast Page

Whenever you share a podcast from Listen Notes to others, you can add your unique affiliate code to the link. For example:


Or you can simply copy any listennotes.com url to your dashboard (https://app.linkmink.com/a/dashboard) to get the affiliate link:

These three tips should be a great way to help you get started.

btw - you can find Listen Notes logos here:


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