How to submit podcasts to Listen Notes

If you are a podcaster or you are a podcast hosting service, you may want to submit new podcasts to Listen Notes database, as more and more people discover podcasts via Listen Notes website and listen to podcasts via apps powered by Listen API.

There are two ways to submit a podcast to Listen Notes database.

Method 1: via Listen Notes website

You can go to, and submit an iTunes url or a RSS url. If the podcast is already in our database, you’ll get the url immediately. Otherwise, we’ll review your submission within 12 hours — usually in minutes; sometimes in seconds.

If you provide an email address there, you’ll get an email notification once your podcast is accepted by us.

Pro-Tip: You can pass “url” and “email” as query parameters to pre-fill the form, e.g.,

Method 2: via Listen API

If you are a podcast hosting service, you may want to use Listen API to help your users submit podcasts to Listen Notes.

Basically, you use the endpoint POST /api/v2/podcasts/submit and pass a RSS url as a parameter.

If the podcast already exists in our database, you’ll get some basic info about the podcast in the JSON response. Otherwise, you’ll get a “status” saying “in review”. Similar to Method 1, you can specify an email address in the parameter, so we can send a notification to that email address once the podcast is accepted. Of course, this “email” parameter is optional.

You can also use the endpoint POST /api/v2/podcaststo check if your existing podcasts are in Listen Notes database.

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