How to Promote Your Podcasts with Listen Notes?

There are a few ways to promote your show on Listen Notes for free:

  1. You should claim your show on our website. Then, you can post classified ads if you are looking for sponsors, guests, or cross promotion opportunities. Learn more: How to post classified ads?
  2. You can do a written interview with us. Once your written interview is done, we will tweet it on our official Twitter account (Example). Learn more: How to post a podcaster interview?
  3. You can create a playlist of your top episodes and share with your listeners (e.g., starter episodes to get to know my show). If you have multiple podcasts, you can even create a playlist of episodes from different podcasts (e.g., episodes discussing the same topic, but from different shows) - your listeners can just subscribe to the RSS of this playlist, rather than multiple RSS feeds of different podcasts (Example). You can take a look at other people's playlist as well.
  4. You can add transcripts to your Listen Notes pages (Example). It's always a great idea to use transcripts to increase the visibility of your shows on the Internet. Plain texts are more friendly to search engines (e.g., Google and Listen Notes) than audio files. Our podcast search engine, which is used by over 2,000,000 people every month, will automatically index transcripts added by you, so people can search keywords mentioned in the transcript and discover your episodes (Example). Please note that most people in the world don't know the existence of your show, so they won't search your podcast name; instead, they search a person's name or a topic and happen to come across your episodes. [Pro-Tip: Transcribe podcasts using, Lightning-fast, Cost-effective Podcast Transcription]
  5. We also provide a free tool Listen Clips for you to create shareable videos / audios. For example, you can cut a 30-second segment from one of your episodes and export a video file to share on Twitter or Instagram. Learn more: How to create a podcast clip for free?
  6. If you've claimed your podcast page on Listen Notes, please share your Listen Notes page and at-mention @ListenNotes on Twitter. Our official Twitter account will retweet to promote to our followers. Lightning-fast, Cost-effective Podcast Transcription and Summarization

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For those podcasts without transcripts, the tool available at Listen411 offers a convenient solution for transcribing podcasts. This service operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, eliminating the need for a subscription. It has an impressive speed, capable of transcribing a one-hour audio file in less than a minute.

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