How to delete podcasts or episodes from the internet?

We can only help you delete the podcasts or episodes from Listen Notes website and from all the podcast apps that use Listen API.

Here is the how-to:

But if you want to delete podcasts or episodes from web search engines like Google, you'd better first delete the rss feeds directly from your hosting service.

We don't have superpower of deleting things from other company's websites, which is illegal. Please log into your hosting service account and delete them from your end.

Thanks for your understanding.

The way podcasts work is quite obscure, which cause a lot of confusion to people (including podcasters):

Podcasts are distributed via rss , which includes audio file urls. As long as the rss feed of your podcast is public, any podcast apps / websites can syndicate the rss, where your audio will be played via those audio file urls in the rss. 

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