How to use one RSS to aggregate latest episodes of multiple podcasts?

Listen Later is a free & powerful playlist tool provided by Listen Notes.

You can use Listen Later to curate a playlist of episodes, or/and a playlist of podcasts.

Each Listen Later playlist provides a RSS feed that you can subscribe on your favorite podcast app ( Example).

If it's an episode playlist (all items are episodes), then the rss feed contains episodes in this playlist - Example.

If it's a podcast playlist (all items are podcasts), then the rss feed contains latest episodes of podcasts in this playlist - Example. In this way, a Listen Later podcast playlist provides a single RSS feed to aggregate latest episodes of multiple podcasts. You just need to add the rss feed once to your podcast app. Later on, after you add new podcasts to the corresponding Listen Later podcast playlist, the rss feed will automatically pick up latest episodes of the newly added podcasts.


You can invite your friends / coworkers to curate a podcast playlist together!

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